Best Polish Cities to visit

May 28, 2015

Poland is not often the typical city that people think of when planning a trip abroad. However it is somewhere that I think everyone should go. There are some amazing views, the country is safe, it is cheap and has so much history.


Krakow is by far the most popular city for toursts. 14 million visitors a year visit, and it is perfect for a long weekend break.

There are the famous salt mines around 30 min away from the city centre. These are a huge cavern of underground salt mines with an impressive underground church to visit.

A popular tourist attraction - although also a very sad day out - is Auschwitz-Birkenau. It is around 45 minnutes away. If you want to see more WWII history then you can visit Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory in Krakow. This is where much of the real life story of Schindler’s List happened.


Next after Krakow in terms of popularity has to been the capital of Warsaw. It is a huge city, with so much history.

Back in WWII it was almost completely destroyed, so most of the buildings are quite new. But they have tried to recreate the original ‘old town’ area.


Wroclaw is a beautiful city. The old ‘Rynek’ (main square) is always busy with people, restaurants and performers.

There is a close connection between the city and their collection of gnomes. All major buildings and tourist attractions have 10 inch high metal gnomes - it can be a fun game to go around spotting them all.

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