Travel Itinerary For Germany - Main Tourist Sights To See And Do

May 28, 2015

If you plan a trip to Germany, it is a must to have a perfect itinerary. Here, I will share my experience to travel to this beautiful country and capture the memories. Let’s see what I have done and how I selected the best places to visit and enjoy.

5 Best Places In Germany

So, I have added these 5 places to the top of the list to make a perfect trip. You can add the destinations as per your choice or modify them as per your interest.

1. Regensburg

The Bavarian city located near the Danube River was the perfect experience. I have seen the actual picture of the medieval core. I have visited the Peter’s Cathedral, Haidplatz, and Alte Kapelle. The best part was buying the goodies for my family. The best cathedral I have seen now is in Regensburg only. I have enjoyed a well-spent day at the old stone bridge.

2. Rugen Island

Next, I visited Germany’s largest island. The fantastic landscape and luxurious resorts were terrific. I tried fantastic food items and interacted with the locals. The sandy beaches were amazing to enjoy noon. The deep blue water and eye-catching clouds above are excellent. Islands are always a fantasy if explored to the fullest.

3. Lake Constance

Lake Constance is a fantastic city to embrace the beauty in different ways. Here, I found the best cultural experiences and shopping complexes and got the best fun with guided tours. Here, I have seen a boom in the cultural environment and industries. It is the best place to enjoy the excursion activities, baths and more.

4. Black Forest

It is the time to spend some time near to nature. The evergreen canopies were amazing, and I enjoyed this forest’s delicious freshly grown cherry gateau. It is recommended to go for a guided tour here. Waterfalls were amazing to enjoy the weather and the rain going down from the height. You can explore thousands of species of flora and fauna.

5. The romantic Rhine

This valley is perfect for enjoying the slate mountains. There I have seen the steep fields where the pure form of wine has been grown for years. I have tasted a few verities and enjoyed it. It was a world of fairy tales where you could enjoy yourself with your beloved ones. It is a place I recommend to couples who want to enjoy some quality time.

In this way, you can get a chance to enjoy yourself the most in this beautiful country. Here, I have visited many more places like famous restaurants, resorts, amusement parks, local markets and whatnot.

I Made The Best Memories

While exploring so many places in Germany, I found it a perfect vocational place. I have spent around 14 days here. So, I recommend you make an itinerary between 14 to 17 days to enjoy everything. The islands, market streets, museums and historical places all are perfect for enjoying.

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