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March 08, 2021

What to pack in a small backpack when traveling?

Have you traveled across the world, maybe for your vacation or work-related in Europe or Africa? If yes, you must be aware of how challenging it is to move around with a suitcase. This calls for a need to have a backpack, one in which you can pack all the kinds of stuff you need. That is irrespective of where you are traveling.

The good thing about a small backpack is that you can easily carry it around without paying someone else to help. The backpack will be safe and enable you to pick any item when on the plane. A small backpack is essential for every travel.

This article will help you identify the most valuable item that you need not miss in your backpack when traveling. Personally, this is my checklist.


When we say clothes, you need only to choose what you know you need because of space. Choose light clothes while considering the weather of where you are traveling. Consider having at least one hood with you if it’s a cold place. Also, consider pajamas and the kind of activities you will involve in during the travel.

Walking shoes

If you will be hiking during your travel, you need sports shoes with you. When going to the airport, consider wearing your bulkiest shoes; this will help in saving space for more kinds of stuff.


Pack your underwear on the small backpack. Ensure that you can find an extra one to avoid washing when on vacation. If it takes longer than you thought, you will have no option but to wash.


Socks are essential in every travel. They will always help protect your feet when walking. Irrespective of where you are traveling, you need a pair of socks.

Water bottle

To stay hydrated during your travel, you need a water bottle in your small backpack. Have a reusable bottle so that you can easily refill it anytime.

Passport & Identity card

Passport is one of the most valuable items you need when traveling. You can’t spend long without it. In most cases, you can easily forget and remember it when you are almost boarding the plane.

Electronic Gadgets

These are other items that you need. i.e., your earphones, charger, etc. You need not expense another item. Always carry your portable gadgets with you and avoid going for an extra cost.

Hairbrush, toothbrush, tissue paper, soap, toothpaste spray, comb, etc

These are items that you can easily forget; always have a space for them since they are crucial in your travel. You will always need them

Bathing towel

You will shower after your long travel.


Always consider you have some pain relievers on every travel. Other items to consider; gloves, shampoo, trekking poles, sun cream, eye mask, shaver, nail cutter, etc.

Final thoughts

It may seem a lot with the above item but not much for a small backpack. You need to have a proper understanding of how to pack your staff. Once you do that you will have carried with you every item you need for your travel and can spend even a week without more items.

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