Hong Kong Travel Guide

February 01, 2020

Hong Kong is widely regarded to be a home of international cuisine as well as a home of activities. It has vast infrastructure projects such as super-speed trains, huge skyscrapers and is a fantastic place to visit as a tourist.

It is famous for things such as the dim sum, star felly, the twinkling skyline, old-world glamour, and much more.

If you haven’t been there before then this is a place you can visit and enjoy on your travels.

In this guide, I have some of the things you can do or explore in Hong Kong and enjoy.

1. Visit Victoria Peak

This is one of Hong Kong areas that is designated for the city’s rich and famous.

Check out the island from the south side, you can get some amazing views of it.

In Victoria Peak you can find some great places to take selfies in front of some amazine natural wildlife.

Most people consider the city to be one of the most best tourist destinations.

2. Tian Tan Buddha

Do you love hiking?

If so, then the Tian Tan Buddha is the place for you to go and visit.

Tian Tan Buddha took ten years to be built and is a famous sight in Hong Kong. It is a great place to be close to nature and also see the old architecture.

It can be quite a journey - so be sure to get a bus there. But once you are there the views make it worth it.

3. Lantau island

Hong Kong is known for its vast islands with over 250 islands.

Lantau is the biggest of all of them, and its where the Hong Kong International airport is located.

You will find the great Giant Buddha, The Ngong Ping 360 cable car, Disneyland, and many more on the island.

It also has beautiful beaches with sandy shores and great hiking spots such as sunset peak and the Lantau Trail.

4. Star Ferry

The star ferry is another ‘attraction’ in Hong Kong that you shouldn’t leave without experiencing.

The ferry is pretty cheap, and gives you the best view of the famous Hong Kong skyline.

The star ferry crosses between TST and Central. The green and white ferries are the most common and loved due to their shape and color. They have been there for over a century and will make your day & night unforgettable.

I would recommend you check out the harbour during the day, and enjoy the city’s lights at night.

5. Hong Kong Museum of History

Learning the history of a place is vital, and the best place to learn about Hong Kong’s history is at the Hong Kong Museum of History.

This is attraction that this great city has invested in and it really shows.

In the museum you will find a complete history of Hong Kong that needs a couple of hours to explore. It has a well-thought plan and displays the culture and tradition of Hong Kong. The history is informative for everyone, and it’s great to learn how Hong Kong was formed.

Summary of this Hong Kong Travel Itinerary

If you are looking for a place to enjoy yourself with your family over the holiday, look no more.

Hong Kong is luxurious and with most tourist attraction sites to consider. Locations for those who love hiking and enjoying the calm environment on the island.

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